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Richard Said,
April 29th, 2014 @6:11 pm  

This is called Company Analysis. Not only do you have to know wehhter a stock is doing good’, as you say, but you need to know wehhter it is going to be doing good’ in the FUTURE. You see it gets a little complicated , doesn’t it? It’s all about researching a company. How do you do that? You read and read and read. A word of caution: things are also written about these companies that are NOT TRUE! Written by preople who deliberately want to trick you! Yes, crafty isn’t it? Let’s say I have lots of shares in a particular company, well my clients do, but we want to sell them and buy something we think is better. OK, so we get our highly paid analysts to write a negative report on the company we want to buy and a glowing report on the company we want to sell. Good eh?

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